Join us for open data day 2018 in Copenhagen

Open data day 2018

Open data day 2018

Open Data Day is coming up. This year we have partnered with Open4Citizens and Ethos Lab to host an event Friday 2 March in Copenhagen (see details below).

At the event we will celebrate open data with informal socializing and short inspiring talks on open data. At the event we will announce the winner of the Danish Open Data Award 2018.

The Danish Open Data Award is a newly initiated award that will be given to a person or a group for an extraordinary effort to promote open data in Denmark. Nominations will soon be published.

Open Data Day will be celebrated with events around the globe. At the time of writing 156 events are planned to take place in places like Kyrgyzstan, Zambia, the Phillipines, the US and in Copenhagen, Denmark.


When: Friday, March 2, at 16.30-19.00
Where: IT-Universitetet, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Copenhagen

No entrance fee, everybody is welcome, talks will be in English.

The event will be hosted by ETHOS Lab, Opendatalab Copenhagen and Open Knowledge Denmark


Link: Facebook-event