Open Data Day Denmark – roundup

12714231323_6629474a25_cOpen Data Day was celebrated in Denmark with 4 workshops taking place in Copenhagen. Around 60 people – scientists, artists, data wranglers, coders, activists, data providers and interested citizens – participated actively in the different workshops.

Two workshops took form of a hackathon, one as a data sprint and one as a “Bring Your Own Beamer” (explanation here).

The aim of  the data sprint was to have a closer look at central Danish climate data. Which parts of the country pollutes the most, are the figures reliable, is it possible to attract public interest in the actual data and how do we present data in an understandable way?

During the “Bring Your Own Beamer”-workshop works from the collection of SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst) was remixed into videos. SMK has released a collection of works under a CC BY 3.0 license. The videos was exhibited at Tøjhusmuseet in the evening.


One hackthon was focusing on how to use open data to meet the societal challenges that any modern city faces: climate change, challenges with mobility on the city’s roads, high CO2 emissions, population growth and related issues.

Open Data Day 2014


The other hackathon aimed at creating new innovative solutions in an effort to optimize the use of resources such as water, energy, waste and transportation.

During the day we had a live hangout with a videolink to OKFN-fellows in other parts of Denmark as well as IcelandSweden and even Pakistan. A fine way for us to remind ourselves that open data is not just a Danish issue and that Open Data Day is an international event taking place all over the world. Open Data Day 2014 Photos by Christian Villum CC BY-SA 2.0).


Open Data Day Denmark

International Open Data Day

Twitterstream: #ODD14DK

More photos from the event




Open Data Day Denmark organizers: OKFN-DK, Wikimedia Denmark,  Københavns Kommune’s Data PortalOpen Data AarhusDigitaliseringsstyrelsenSolobeta and Creative Commons Danmark.


We’re looking forward to meet you all again next year! : )